NEW DANCE STUDIOS for dancers, teachers and choreographers


Glenn is the founder of New Dance Studios. His expertise for pragmatic and visionary solutions have been developed from years of experience in accountancy, consultancy & interim management in various industries. He has developed himself multidisciplinary and is experienced in Finance, Organization, IT and HR.

His interest in dance and music lead to contacts with various people from the artistic sector. His passion is to apply his expertise to clients in the artistic industry, to help them with creative solutions, to guide, support in the context of inspiration, creation, development and partnership.



The foundation seeks to achieve her goals by forming a broad network of professional and project minded people in the cultural sector and interconnected these, so that an open innovation collaboration arises in which knowledge and experience can be pooled and retained. We strive for collaboration in ART 4 ART.

To keep focus on the variety of activities we have the following subsidiaries:
– New Dance Productions (NDP)
– New Dance Company (NDC)
– New Dance Services (NDS)



The foundation aims to promote the professionalism of the services within the cultural sector in their business, providing productional support, personnel, facilities, administrative and marketing area for artists, projects and cultural institutions.