New Dance Company

A platform for dancers and choreographers

The platform focuses on talent development, dancers are interns from Dance Academies or professionals, choreographers are able to work efficient.

The platform strives to:
– work towards performances;
– produce new pieces every 2 months;
– give talented, young choreographers a chance;
– have an open position for a new choreographer every two months.

Because of the diversity of talented dancers and choreographers, the platform produces refreshing and innovative pieces.

Are you a dancer or choreographer and looking for a place to get inspired?
Visit the Facebook page or apply here!




Going back to a basic feeling of freedom that makes us dance. We surrender, we dance, because we have to.

Choreography: Sanne Clifford
Dance: Fabiana Carchesio & Nika Jankovic (short version)
Fabiana Carchesio, Alice Tossut, Karin Foschetti, Sara Gil & Isabelle Nelson (extended version)
Music: Bonobo, SOHN & Tiga/Alberto Monty


When dealing with loss, how to let go. Pick yourself up, support the ones in need and dare to say ‘enough’.

Choreography: Sanne Clifford
Dance: Emanuela Biazzi/Çigdem Polat, Fabiana Carchesio & Sara Gil Sagredo
Music: Alberto Monty, Stephan Raidl a.o.


What happened is in the past. Now it’s time to face the facts and most of all each other. Which pathways of the mind interfere, what is your habit or approach?

Choreography: Sanne Clifford
Dance: Anni Kaila, Dominik Feistmantl & Therese Thonfors


We are all different, we are all the same
Looking for our place and voice in the world and
at the same time trying to be connected with each other
Being unique, but not alone
We are all different, we are all the same

Choreography: Sanne Clifford
Dance: Almudena Ballesteros Parejo, Anni Kaila, Faizah Grootens, Helena Lopez Cifuentes, Rosa Allessie & Shanti Snijders
Music: Eren Önsoy & Stephan Raidl

BALLAST (2012)

Ballast is a contra-weight that serves to support an item, for example within boats. However, the term is often used as an expression in Dutch, where it has a negative meaning: that the weight holds us back or is a burden. This choreography is based on the contrast of the term: Stability and support vs. restrictions

Choreography: Sanne Clifford
Dance: Anni Kaila, Asuka Watanabe, Helena Lopez Cifuentes, Anja Möderndorfer/Natasja Bode & Martijn Joling/Tomas Claessen

BRAS (2012)

How to stay ‘down to earth’ while we receive an overload of information through media? BRAS gives a perspective on the impulses & reflexes of the body related to the influences of technology.

Choreography: Sanne Clifford
Theater Design: Majorie Voorhuis
Dance: Asuka Watanabe & Helena Lopez Cifuentes.