NDS operates from different locations from partners in Amsterdam, The Hague & Schiedam amongst others.

NDS facilitates services for dancers, teachers and choreographers

Get inspired at NDS, whether you want to teach, organise a workshop, rehearse or take a dance class.


NDS offers studios fully equipped with:
• Professional floating dance floors with heavy duty dance vinyl
• High mirrors
• Professional sound systems
• Airconditioning (cooler/heater)

Dimensions floors:
The studios are between 130m2 and 185m2

The studios can be used for rehearsals, workshops and classes.
Food, drinks, smoking, street shoes,heals and white soles are
NOT allowed
in the studios.

How we work

Bookings and payment policies
Reservation have to be confirmed by e-mail and are only valid after confirmation.

Payments: must be received 2 days prior to the rental date. If rentals are booked less than 48 hours in advance, cash payment is required.

Cancellations: renter must cancel 2 days in advance in order to receive credit.

Rental Times

08.00-19.30 Tue/Wed/Thu
08.00-22.30 Mon, Fri and weekend

Special Notes

Discount and sponsorship
Extra discount is possible for non-commercial productions based on production budget and / or through sponsorship.

Starters discount!
To help teachers with the startup of new classes, we can give discount up to Eur 7,50/h excl. VAT if we feel your application is interesting for the group.


Price concept
Te help especially the starting dance artists and companies, we apply price differentiation.

That means the rates are budget dependent with a minimum since we are not subsidized. This enables us to open our doors for a broad audience.

To give you a general indication please refer to our basic rates (excluding 21% VAT):

Hourly rates
EUR 10 for solo rehearsals (min 4 hours)
EUR 17 for group/company rehearsals (min 4 hours)
EUR 27 classes with a year contract
EUR 35 incidental classes and workshops

Rehearsals (session of 4 hours)
EUR 68 for non-commercial use
EUR 120 for commercial use

Rehearsals (session of 8 hours)
EUR 120 for non-commercial use to
EUR 200 for commercial use

Rental rehearsal in blocks of minimum 4 hours!!
(or else a surcharge might be applicable)

Virtual tour of the original studios 2007-2013